FYI, I had computer problems that had to be fixed. Now, I severely burned the tips of two of my fingers while using a lime mortar during the glass block installation on the new sauna. They are coming along. I’m learning to type with my fingernails!

Anyway, I have a mostly finished two part trip report, which will be up this week.

Sometimes, stuff happens.


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2 thoughts on “Delay?

  1. Eric

    Take the time you need to heal well. I always enjoy your reports. Your recent experiences in the eastern states made me appreciate our great weather and more ample freedom for nudity here in the west.


  2. Don Bottemiller

    Wishing you a rapid recovery. Injury to typing fingers seems to cut off one’s ability to communicate and express yourself. I have read every one of your posts over the years, and do hope that they continue.


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