Costuming Nude

Clothing can be fun. I suppose that that sounds odd coming from me, but clothing has been a festive accessory for millennia. DF and I have dressed up in nude outfits on occasion.

I had a long blonde wig sitting around for several years waiting for an occasion. DF and I needed new costumes for the big Halloween bash. Our friends were putting on a special show. Neither of us could get away with nude in public but hair, aka Lady Godiva and we had but one wig between the two of us.

I found nude body stockings at a ballet shop. With the wig and my masculine features, like the thick mustache, well it just looked silly. A comical impression of the lady Godiva…good!

DF needed something for her nude form fitting tights and she decided on an Eve. We made leaf patterns out of a green felt material, which was much like a pool table cloth. These were placed strategically.

We walked into the open air bar, grabbed drinks, walked around a corner and were barely on the dance floor, when a mike augmented voice blasted out, “Lady Godiva.”  I won a prize, then and there!

The outfits went over big, which was fun.  But we did realize that there was a bit of a see-through effect in certain areas without the opaque coverings.  I noticed a pair of older women staring as I danced. Apparently when the hair shifted… I had to be on a diligent duty, keeping DF informed of any shifting of her shrubbery.

Of course in a one piece outfit, toiletries presented an obvious difficulty.

We had lots of fun.

So Next Year, Just Plain Naked:

The next year, going back to the usual very authentic pirate costumes wasn’t enough whimsy, so, we decided to go completely naked. Again this option just couldn’t cut muster with local law and the leftover nude body stockings came back out of the drawer. Again they were revealing.

This time I dreamed up black censorship squares to look like a 1950’s porn movie.

The black paper and gorilla tape worked. They were stiff and tended to float as we moved.  It was a strange thing head to toe. We agreed that we felt actually kinda naked. That of course worked for us.

At the bar, we all had fun. People were taking pictures with us for their Facebook pages, etc.

That party had to close up early and we went to another close establishment that was featuring a hard rock band and an anniversary party for a pair of friends.  I noticed that we got puzzled looks, as we walked in the door and meandered through the maze of tables, chairs and revelers. After saying hello, congratulations and claiming our place at the table, we hit the dance floor. People stared at us. Some seemed to turn their heads in surprise like they thought a couple of actual nudes were dancing in the slightly dim light. There seemed to be an effect. They stared and smiled.

Around 11:00, a costume contest was announced. We shyly climbed up on stage with the rest and became finalists. DF whispered to me and smiled, “Well, here we are on stage naked.” When those bright lights illuminated us and people cheered as though we were, it felt so.

Well, we won hands down, the MC taking the opportunity to make several quips and comments. We walked off with fifty bucks in a gift certificate as a prize. That kept us in free drinks and french fries for a couple of visits, AND we had fun.


A friend of ours participates in the big mermaid float and annual parade downtown, each year. While we were skinny dipping at a party at her house, she broke out a couple of her mermaid outfits. These are functional tails with flippers that wrap up the legs. They all look bright like those Japanese Boys Day flags of fish scales.

We each tried the outfits out. In order to swim, one must flip as a fish in them. What works for fish, works very well for human beings in fish costumes. It is interesting, so unlike kicking away with legs in a swim.  

I made red lips from a cheese wax wrapper. We just needed some sailors with eagle tattoos across their chests.


One night we were at my place. We were, as always, not dressed. We were going through my collection of medieval garb and swords. DF fit into the accessories well. The rest of the clothing just didn’t have the same appeal as it did before.

The female pirate genre isn’t usually portrayed nude, but then, I couldn’t know what might have gone on aboard ship back in the day. This costuming would however have to be for one of the parties at the naturist resort.

 I suppose that we can now claim that we went out on the town nekkid and everyone thought that it was a wonderful thing.

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  4. That first mermaid photo is great! I think the pirate outfit needs more elaboration. maybe a wild hat and a colored sash for the hips/waist. The leather looks too plan for her. How would she feel about an eye patch?


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