Visiting Around Dewey/Prescott


We have been given a late notification to meet with relatives who are passing through Northern Arizona. We will meet for a day in Sedona with the usual tourists, shopping in stores filled with gemstones, bobbles, clothing and crafts. Sedona is a cornucopia of the things that are not necessities, but somehow produce a craven thirst for them, or at the least, an appreciation.

Around these mercantile wanderings are vistas of colorful mountains with their surreal sense of spirit and woo woo legend.

We gave Ken and Amie a call and they offered a few days hospitality to us and an offer to show us a few good hikes.

My usual need for the work of planning and researching is gone. It is all made simple; we will place ourselves in their hands. It is always a good thing to have a local that knows some of the good places. Many nude wanderings have no name, some are hidden. Tips for safety and stealth, go along with a local guide that enjoys showing off their neck of the woods.


We carnude up from Tucson to meet with Ken and Amie at their home in Dewey.

The weather is promising to be nice. After making our way through the hour of freeway in the Phoenix area, we break out into wide open spaces, climbing higher through the Black Canyon’s green hills. The Sonoran Desert transforms into high desert grasslands, now golden brown from drought. The big azure sky presents a warm, not hot, sunshine.

We arrive at our hosts’ home on top of a hill with its 360 degree vista. They have planted a thick sod carpet outside, which is a luxury for us desert dwellers in southern Arizona. We climb out of the car, kicking off our shoes to the pleasure of sensuality of the nature of grass. The stuff is cool in the shade, warm in the sun. The friendly feel catches our delight.

We grab some chairs to sit and catch up, while bathing in the sun’s shine. I look down at my feet, planning my intent to lay my body down on this less familiar green stuff. Taken for granite in much of the world, the grass is luscious and deep green. I notice that there are no bugs in it like Tucson.

We will sleep in the luxury of our netted ten. I unload the car and set up our favored accommodations on the lawn next to the porch. Ken has skillfully set the entire landscape with free ranging nudity in mind. We are not visible to anyone below, although we can see them for miles around. The naked barefoot all over sense of this is liberating. It is a joy to simply carry our equipment around the house to a spot with a mountain view.

I pitch the tenting, lay out cushions and coverings for later tonight among the fragrant flora next to their porch deck. Three hummingbirds vie for territorial dominance around a feeder. This will be a wonderful place to sleep and wake up in.

We had been looking forward to a soak in the Jacuzzi, but to our dismay, it has sprung a leak in a mysterious place deep within its wood plank bowels. It will be too much of a project for today to disassemble and repair it.


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In amongst the scrub plant life indigenous to the hills of this area, there is a maze of walking trails. Each has been meticulously carved by hand so that the wanderer is completely and stealthfully covered by the brush. Someone in the distance can only make out the heads and shoulders of the walkers. The result is a long meandering nude path to enjoy.

There are a few rocks, but mostly it is a comfortable barefoot friendly trail. The vegetation is various and occasionally quotes are signed along the nature walk.

It is a place for an active meditation, or contemplation, maybe to stand, or to sit, or to stroll.

The quotes are inspirational.









There is a shade tree, and small open air rooms with natural vegetative hedges for walls.

The lay out has grown enough, so that I take off walking, get lost in the experience and return to the house sometime later.

There are profound lessons to contemplate along the journey through the maze.







Ken has created a presentation of some of the most amazing examples of naturist spirituality and philosophy.







I stand naked, breathing in fully with all of my senses. My heart goes out, wishing for all to know and share the humanity that I am experiencing.








This walk is like reading a great book of wisdom bound in a magical unimagined cover.

We find our clothing, which is buried in the clutter of the car because of its status on our priority list. We dress enough to make the short drive down the hill to a Mexican food restaurant. The plates and proportions are huge. Any last trace of hunger is flooded with mass, and we return to the nude enclave.

We go to bed early to get up and hike before the “heat.” The stars here are aplenty. The Milky Way is like a cloud. A big red Mars sits on top of a hill and neighborhood lights glitter below. It is warm enough for a nude body, no chill.

Eventually, we are laying naked under our down bed covers, the crickets crooning in the natural environment just below. A set of deep resonating chimes musically chime, sounding like a free form concert of singing crystal bowls. It makes for an easy sleep.

Javalina wander in during the night. It sounds as if they are eating the nearby porch. They are surprised by the sounds coming from our tent and scatter.

Quail are rustling in the bushes a few feet away.


This trip is going to be presented in four relatively short parts. They will probably come out in sooner than the weekly publishing schedule. The next publication will share a walk in a park and then a venture into tall mountain pines.

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8 thoughts on “Visiting Around Dewey/Prescott

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  2. We enjoy your visits and love your writings about our little piece of paradise and our freehiking adventures. To everyone who is reading this, you’re invited to visit our place at any time (although winter does get pretty chilly). Just send us an e-mail and we can arrange it together. Amy & Ken @


  3. Amy Carlisle

    We enjoy your visits and love your writings about our little piece of paradise and our freehiking adventures. To those of you who are reading this, we invite you to come and visit. Just send us an e-mail letting us know when you’ll be in our area (Dewey, Arizona), and we can arrange it together. Amy & Ken @


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  5. Nicholas elwood

    Does anyone wanna go with me I’m 25 an would love to go with you guys sometime my number 9282777720


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