Wilderness of Rocks Trail: Beyond: Part II


We have been hiking in the Wilderness of Rocks and filled with awe.

We have been surprised by the unusual number of other hikers. We took no clothing, but even so, nobody gives any objections. Instead all is very positive. As we are about to discover, even extremely positive.

Here is the beginning of this story:


Now, the story continues…

…We are ready to head back, feeling worn and hungry, as the heat of the day hits us.

We head down the hill from a saddle and its incredible views, coming across the rock that we had had a meager lunch on. We realize that we hadn’t documented the experience, so I climb up to pose and find a short welcomed rest.

Right at this time, yet another pair of women walks by. “Ah, a pair of kindred spirits.” She gets the other’s attention, “My kind of people, right?”

They stop and she tells us, “I like to hike that way, too.”

She erupts with a slew of questions. “Why do we do it?”

“Do we walk to our car that way?” She is probably wondering where we left our clothes. We explain that we stay covered near the trailheads. The Forest Service suggested that.

We find ourselves explaining that only three in one hundred might object, and that we are camping.

“Is it like art? Like do you do it to make a reaction and make people think?” No it is just more about our personal preference, but there is an individual message attached to the action.

We tell her about our website. She asks us if she can have a picture with us. She makes a decision as she stands there to join us, “I’m gonna do it now.” She exuberantly removes her clothing, stuffing it away. She mentions a flow, deciding to leave bottoms on. I hold back on informing her how women tuck string away out of view when nude.

“May we also have a picture of us for our website?”

She thinks for a moment and grabs her hat.

Oh, if only everyone might react like her. What a wonderful world it would be.

We head back, as they head up the hill.

Coincidentally, she no sooner embarks, than a troop of five young guys comes down and within moments another group of men follow. It seems that initially, release of freedom energy tends to manifest the energy of inhibiting concerns, until synchronicitily, it is balanced. It is sort of a Murphy’s Law kind of thing. She happily smiles as they pass, engulfed and enthused in her new sense of liberation.

A Path of Glistening Quartz

We begin a march back, periodically stopping, still to be stunned by natural phenomena around us.

We wander up and down the rocky meadows, through trees, plots of grasses and ever present geological attentions.


The noon day sun is beating down upon my shoulders. I have a great base-coat tan, but I’m getting concerned that I might still overdo it.

The sun dips behind a cloud, presenting us with relief often, but that won’t keep a burn away. The trees are occasional.

A Tenacious Pine Tree

A rock face where we earlier found shade, is now brightly lit by the passing sun.

It is difficult to know landmarks. The terrain is nearly all rock and seen from various angles, so we aren’t sure how far that we have come.

I begin to conserve water and then run out.

People talk, mostly too loud for the quiet here.

We nearly always know that they are coming, but there is nothing to do in a lack of garments. Most likely, they would be more alarmed to find someone hiding behind a boulder than merely nude.

We have seen no wildlife, but a squirrel with big ears and a few lizards all decked out in color for their mating season.

Sometimes the Trail is Just a Shoot

The way back, overall, is quicker, like a horse that knows that it is returning to the barn.

We’re Back:

After miles in a park of granite, we finally see the thick stand of trees that line the creek below us.

As the trail winds down into it, there is a sense of refuge. We stop at the creek to dowse our bodies with the chilly water. This must be one of the greatest of natural gifts, a greeting and assurance that we are meant to be a part of the world.

The woman who had displayed the huge grin earlier at the furthest reach of our day’s exploration, is resting nearby with her mate. She stares at us and then comes over for a closer look, before walking on. She is definitely thinking about this new revelation.

We’ve been trying to get a shot of a columbine staying still for years.

Three Stages

We drag ourselves through the wilderness to our camp, hungrily gobble at a carrot chip snack and realize that we are out of water and still dehydrated. We’ll need to get to the creek and filter some more water.

I sling four empty bags over my shoulders and we are off.

We have gotten quite used to being the only ones nude and accepted as such. As we arrive at the trail, there is no hesitation. I lead DF through a campsite and into the ferns to get to a slab of stone in the creek. As I get past the brush, there is a group of hikers talking around a shady campsite in a circle. “That guy forgot his pants,” a round young man jokes. I ignore it and turn upstream getting my footing from rock to rock.

We find shade and our first liter bottle is consumed before we have filled it. As I squeeze the filter, watching the water slowly come out clean, we hear the conversation around the circle. It has changed to stories of nude and naked experiences in the wild.

A couple of more bottles and I lay down on the slab in the middle of the cool creek, to stretch. Soon my hat is over my eyes. I sense DF, as she lies down next to me. We drift off to sleep, splayed out naked between a dozen people’s campsites.  This is not our usual propriety, but after such an experience, there is no inhibition left in us. This is who we are and we’re comfortable with that.

There were so many fun pictures and I didn’t want to choose. This left the trip report too long for one post. I hope that you enjoyed the tour of this fascinating place.

Be sure to click any image to enlarge it as you desire.

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3 thoughts on “Wilderness of Rocks Trail: Beyond: Part II

  1. Don M

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures. What s truly beautiful place. Your experiences with others gives one hope for the possibility of a kinder more generous society!


  2. 365dniwobiektywielg

    You are so amazing


  3. sassycoupleok

    What a great storey and testament to free range nudity. The photos as always are a bonus.


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