2020 Zipolite #2: Look Ma, No Hands!

There I was no sh…

…so I’m strolling down the access alley to the beach from main street. My wardrobe consist of a sarong around my waist. I begin to feel a looseness as I’m walking. Then, I begin to notice more. At the precise time that I arrive at that point where concrete becomes a sandy beach the sarong drops to my ankles. The timing is perfect. I listen for a rim shot from a drum, or maybe the sound of a gong.

I look down at the pile of cloth at my bare feet. I question whether I should even pick up the clothing. It’s like the divine hand has stepped in!

I contemplate just stepping out and walking on in the divine guidance. The whole thing feels like a phenomena, God playing with me. “Jbee, thou shalt not….”

Of course, I don’t argue with the hand of fate.

Such is life in Zipolite….



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