Pondering Boundaries

Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong with being seen, or seeing others without clothing. It is nude, which is a natural state. I must sometimes remind myself that it is the others that find it wrong. It is the others whose reaction to this nude body defines it to be other than what it actually is. It is the others, who put context onto it, feel fear, feel lust, see sex, project false intents, or want to use it for their own purposes. It is not their body, nor their business. It is my body, my personal space, my identity, my God given vehicle.

What someone projects is not the fact. The body is simply a physical entity.

This body doesn’t belong to anyone else, unless I give it, or it is stolen. And it is stolen. It is taken from me and then required to be dressed, to sit and walk in particular ways and in particular places.

The body isn’t the difficulty, it is the modern beholder. It is allowing oneself to be ruled by what others think, that robs us of autonomy. How much more personal could a body be? Yet someone imposes themselves between body and self.

I have a right, a sole right to choose, as long as there is no harm to others. There is no authority that can legitimately claim the right to my body over my own ownership. This body was given to me.

There is nothing whatsoever wrong, or dangerous with being seen in this body. Sure, there could be compromises, but still these are justly my choices to make.

I have been treated like this for so long that I often forget who is supposed to have dominion over this flesh. It is like a freed slave still performing for a master, or an old bad habit that pops up from time to time. I suddenly feel naked, I feel liberated from something, I feel self-conscious, I have a fear based thought, “What will people think?” All of this is the result of another’s imposition.

What will some people think? Some will think the ridiculous notion that it is a threat to them and their families, or to their place in a social order. Some just assume that they have the right to judge and take over another person’s body. Laws will do this and they are unjust.

The only threat is to me and my birthright. It is silly to see another body of one’s own species as a threat, or immoral, or just wrong. Do I tread too lightly to accept it as just “silly?” It is a serious imposition to my most basic of sense and place of dignity. That should be a seriously defended boundary when another crosses it.

It is a reality that inside of my doors, my sanctuary, this body is mine. I can take complete control over my birthright. I can learn to purge the chains. I can act out of my expected character when I am indoors. I can be myself, live in a secret naked world. I can reclaim what is mine. Why is it then, that when another knocks and enters that I lose that?

Why does my relationship with my body not stay the same when I walk out of the doors of my house? There was no harm alone and there is no inherent harm otherwise.

This body is harmless, safe, clean and a wholesome sight. But above all, it is distinctly mine.


Our thanks to Ed’s Photo Studio. We set it up in his garage and had fun the other day.


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6 thoughts on “Pondering Boundaries

  1. sassycoupleok

    Cute photos !! It’s amazing how much fun we can have with our nudity !!


  2. Love the great pics. Cute. Jan&Gary xo


  3. MartinM

    I love what you say and agree with almost all, except in the way (here, at least) you portray your body as ‘mine’, as if it is your ‘possession’, something separate from ‘you’. In reallity, your body is you, or rather, there is no separation between the physical ‘you’ and your feeling of self.

    Our identity is a complex interaction between body, mind and our environment. Without our body, there is no interaction with the environment, and there can be no self. Our fullest self is developed when we engage fully with the environment, with all our senses, including other people especially as a social animal.

    Putting clothes on, while necessary for physical protection at times, muffles our senses. It reduces our interaction with the environment and modifies others responses, distances us from them. Maybe this distance was felt necessary when mankind first moved into cramped, urban spaces but it is to an extent de-humanising. Scientific study has shown that we are more empathetic when another person has bare flesh, we are more connected and, heaven knows, we need more empathy in this world.

    When we are told we need to have clothes on, we are being told there is something wrong with us, something unacceptable, that we need to be kept at a distance. When we see endless semi or naked toned and air-brushed models portrayed in the media, that impression is confirmed. It denies not just our bodies, but ourselves, for they are one and shaming becomes commonplace. The result is often depression, self-harming and low self-esteem or, at the other end, macho, unempathetic behaviour as people put on a hard social shell to protect their delicate egos.

    Of course, there are other factors involved, but when we are willing drop the need for clothes and accept other people as they are, community is notably stronger. We are more vulnerable, but ironically become more self confident and more connected.

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  4. So, true. We wanted to express a “not yours” boundary and philosophical position, less a “mine”. Yes, it is yet another imposition from the world that needs to be told to “back off.” “Boundaries” and possession are popular reference points, or popular belief systems. My hope is that they are a relatable tool for most. We are certainly discussing how it feels to be imposed upon. The feeling is inescapable.

    Personally, I don’t perceive body, thought, or feeling, as mine, but just a grouping of energy that has a tendency to come together and be an entity. Just an observation. The entity is reacting to that which is unjust and unnecessary, the imposition, as is its tendency.


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