A Prayer

I’m taking another writing and creating my own meaningful prayer.

This post isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Every so often, I just like to take a moment to share with those that understand as I do. Please, bear with. It’s my spiritual thing.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that suitable clothing should be worn for activities and that if the suitable clothing is not to wear any, then that is what should be done.

The prayer:

I have often found that being naked is a humbling experience. There are no clothes that can make me anything other than who I am. I am simply a being, created by God as an expression of the universe, whose purpose is to find, and do, whatever I have been created to do. I embrace my being.

Being natural is a tool that can direct me towards the source of inner peace, which is a sense of, or relationship with God.

I will allow the humility that being naked makes me feel, to direct my heart to the only One that can satisfy my deepest, most desperate desires.

I am not a freak when I am naked.  I am meant to be naked. I see the desire to be naked and natural, as a desire to embrace my God, my source, my direction, my place within a greater presence.

My nakedness promotes and reclaims a relationship with the divine, a relationship with fellow human beings, and a relationship with the world, the blessing of gratitude.

So, thank-you dearly.



not to misguide you, Nudie News isn’t a specifically religious site. It contains a variety of takes and topics. There is a bundle of good nudist/naturist reading there. I just need to give the publisher his deserved due and my personal appreciation. He republished the original article.

The article that I just used for inspiration to express this personal expression is “My experience Being Naked” by Timothy Yach. It is on the following page link. It is a different take, with Bible quotes and references to “him.” I think that it is a good work. I appreciate the much of the sense if it. You can go there and scroll down to find it.




NEXT WEEK: After a public interest article, we’ll head back into 2009 and revisit one of my favorite timeless places. There is much more to come.



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3 thoughts on “A Prayer

  1. Eric

    Looking forward to much more to come!


  2. pastordavidrn

    I toured your site some time ago and thought I’d come back. Your photographic journaling of your hiking experience are a blessing to me. Health problems limit my hiking experience and I enjoy yours vicariously, especially because you capture so much of God’s beautiful creation.

    While I don’t live the nudist lifestyle, I openly promote the same body acceptance valued by the moral philosophy of traditional nudists. I’ve written two books defending it logically and theologically against those who question it for supposedly “religious” reasons. I participate in an online ministry helping free people from porn addiction through embracing a godly, creational, non-objectifying view and treatment of their own and everyone else’s bodies, whether naked or clothed. I’ve written many poems expressing these values, all with a Creator-honoring intent.

    I’m glad you found inspiration to write that lovely prayer from Timothy Ach’s testimony. Unfortunately, he deleted his blog, and I can’t help but imagine he got nervous about being identified with his experience, which the cultural majority condemns. My stand on nudity is open to opposition, too, but I never encounter any opposition with a real leg to stand on, biblically, historically, psycho-socially, or philosophically.

    Sorry, for being a long-winded preacher, but I wanted to let you know about another Christian who enjoys praising God when wearing only air and sunlight and who would love to skinnydip again, if he could still hike to the right places…. Blessings on you!


  3. Many blessings for you, too, as you enjoy the miracle. Thank-you.


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