Happy 4th Birthday TheFreeRangeNaturist.org.

It has been four years that this two year project has been going strong. Happy Birthday TheFreeRangeNaturist.org.

We’re gonna keep goin’…naturally.

Thanks for joining us on our adventures, for following and all the thumbs up. We hope that you are becoming more and more liberated, too.

The site first published on the 14th of July, more or less. We hope that you all get to celebrate “International Nude Day” and/or “National Nude Day” and/or the culmination of “Nude Recreation Week” this Sunday!

Jbee and DF

P.S. A two part solstice hike story in the White Mountains is coming next week.


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6 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday TheFreeRangeNaturist.org.

  1. Eric

    Happy birthday indeed! Peace and continued adventures!


  2. coolbrzy

    Best wishes to you for many naked adventures, and both ordinary and extraordinary events to write about! May your opportunities for naturist outings increase in frequency, new places, types of activity and new friends with whom to share them, both in person and your blog.

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  3. Congratulations! And thanks for taking us along on your adventures!

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  4. sassycoupleok

    Living life as ie should be. More people everyday accept it but many more need to. Congratulations onr the bday. We look forward to being a new subscriber.

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  5. Dave

    Congratulations on your 4th birthday!! I look forward to many more entries and reading about your naked adventures. I’ve been a nudist for 12 years and there isn’t very many areas in my neck of the woods to explore nude. However, I do spend alot of nude time in my backyard when the rest of the neighborhood is sleeping…lol!! I hope they don’t wake up and look out their window…lol!!

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    • sassycoupleok

      We can relate to that, sold our big house and downsized. Now we have neighbors right on top us so nudity is a bit of a risk. If they look hard and long enough they can see between the slats on the privacy fence. We just let it all hang out anyway.watering the plants, shrubs and lawn at night while totally nude is one of my favorite things to do.


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