Some Change

Packin’ Ma Bags, Heading to the….

As I mentioned before, we have four or five springtime adventures, several shorts and articles to finish up. We have a four year anniversary in July and some unpublished stories out of the past that need reworked.

For four years, I’ve managed to consistently get out something every week. For the next weeks, I’ll make the attempt, but there is no guarantee that publication timing will not get erratic.

My house is finally selling, I’m moving after 20 years of accumulation. I’m beginning a transition into a whole new situation. I’ve become very busy, suddenly.

We had planned a couple of days here and there (all work and no play makes….), but DF has broken her toe and will be off uneven surfaces, like the trails, for a few weeks. Maybe, we could car camp and….

Oh well, this will pass. I love doing this website. Maybe I’ll shove it all into a locker and just take off at the end of escrow. Life will be open ended and at my whim.

So bare/bear with, for now.

You can get notification upon each new post, if you become a follower. I won’t spam. If I get behind, there are something like 242 previous posts, most will read like new.

Thank-you all,

Jbee and DF

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5 thoughts on “Some Change

  1. Nancy

    Congrats on selling your home! Wishing you the best on your new journey!


  2. Eric

    And many thanks, as always, for all your thoughtful and fun trip reports and photos. We really appreciate all the effort it has taken to post them every week. We’ll hope for more, of course, but without expectation. Enjoy your new freedom!


  3. coolbrzy

    Best wishes to you for a quick, smooth close on your house, and I hope DF’s toe heals quickly and is “good as new” soon. Until I read your next segment, I suppose I’ll have to create my own adventures, and enjoy re-reading earlier posts. In the meantime, I hope all goes well for you both and eagerly await the next installment of your magnificent journey.


  4. Good luck in your new abode your next adventure in life and thanks for sharing with us your natural life!


  5. Reblogged this on Naturalian's Blog and commented:
    A wonderful collection of naturist natural living


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