My Private Place for Naturism #23

A Continuing Series


The good weather is back. At noon, I decide to take advantage of it. I step out onto the granite slab to see how it all feels. I’m not surprised, but awed by just how wonderful it all feels. I’m compelled to go further, but I need to protect my bare feet. Bare feet are sensual on this smooth granite slab with its contours and interesting textures, but the desert waits with many disasters with sharp needles.

Five-toes shoes on, I walk out to the sweat and grab a broom. The stealth trail to Havarock has needed a sweeping off of prickery cholla bundles of spines and other landmine-like debris.

As I sweep my way along the trail, there are many hoof prints, large and small. The ground is dug up considerably, here and there.

I hear an animal in the bushes a few feet away, but I’m surprised to find it to be an uncharacteristically loud cottontail bunny.

I smell an animal as I approach the ridge near Havarock. Someone is home.

I’m surprised today by a large loud sound. Two mule deer burst to the north, another to the east. They are heavy animals and their hooves clack against the exposed granite. Often, it crumbles.

I try the transpersonal energy on them, but this time, it doesn’t seem to show a noticeable calm in the deer. They do however, stop and just stare at the strange naked intruder with his hands in the air. They wait.

I just stand still and observe, as they observe back. After a while, I decide that I don’t want to disturb them in their sheltering retreat. I want them to come back and enjoy this safe place, as I know is their tradition. I pick up my broom, turn and walk away.

A few steps and I hear the loudness of more deer bounding away, which had been in cautious hiding behind some rocks. They have been silent, just 30 feet away. Three more, I count.

Two do that springing jump that they do from a standing position. These two have so few individual characteristics, that they are like twins. First one and then the next, it’s like a déjà vu. A little more of fascinated observation and I am on my way.

What a gift it is to live here.

Early next week, I’ll publish our nude canyoneering foray into a remote canyon.


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2 thoughts on “My Private Place for Naturism #23

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  2. Sam Hall

    You paint a picture with your words. I enjoy your posts love to join a day hike with you. I am a member of Glen Eden would have been fun to have met you when you were there.

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