Need a Nude Trail? Make One


I mentioned this trail once before, when we visited Ken and Amie’s hilltop near Dewey, Arizona. Then, it was just a hilltop, a garden, a trail and plans. Now, there is a pleasant home on top and a system of stealthy trails to wander, to meditate and explore.

We came up from Tucson on Friday. The plan was to camp in one of the spots that Ken has put aside for a tent. Saturday, we would then visit Schenbley Road a four-wheel drive mess. The views are of legendary Sedona in the distance. Along the way, there are a few trails off of the road. I surmise that the 4×4 conditions of the road would diminish the number of vehicles. The trail which I planned to explore, leads off of the road into official wilderness. It would seem a good candidate for freely nude hiking. The views will be awe inspiring.

A hurricane in the Pacific off of Mexico has created long sought after rain, but it is forecast to be falling from late Friday night, until evening on Saturday. I’ve been told that the planned jeep road is notably slippery when wet and may wash out. On a good day it can be a cliff side, hair-raising drive.

Game called because of rain. What to do?

Ken and Amie have offered their pop up trailer to sleep in. This is a wonderful break for us. The tent would have been inadequate, as we planned to be outside mostly. We make ourselves at home laying out our bedding and personal pillows from home.

The next morning, while we rest inside the travel trailer, there is a sound that we think is a rain storm. Yet, when I open the door, it is quiet outside. A refreshing light sprinkle of a mist taps my nude body. I’m not getting particularly wet. The winds from the previous day have died. I love it. I poke my head back in the door laughing and tell DF that we have been fooled by the sound of rain on a fiberglass sheet roof.

We are invited in to their home and begin to socialize, while waiting to figure out a plan B. We all enjoy each other’s company. We decide to drive into old Prescott, get dressed and have a very well executed Tai food lunch. Prescott has some excellent Tai food!

Side Trip

We return and Ken has a fun a movie that he wants us to enjoy. We stretch out on loungers and have some laughs and giggles. In the late afternoon, the rain begins to fade and the sun is peaking through the clouds.

Ken takes us out on his trail system to show us the expansion that he has created.

The trail system now has a maze to wander through. Part of that is designated and defined as a maze by a small sign.

There are plaques with quotes of naturism. One reads, “Mother Nature is naked in all of her glory. Man covers her up with concrete and destroys her natural beauty. We seek the places where she is most untouched, for there she is most beautiful.”

I am surprised and honored to find a quote from me, Jbee Goode!

Along another section sit several meditation spots. There is one for each of the major religions, or traditions.


The nature worshiping spot is under a nice low pine tree. Here, there are several upended stones, a henge.

There were chilly winds blowing up on the east side of the hill and then across the top. Now, here on the west side, we wander in comfort and calm. It is quiet, our voices relax in kind.

The wonderful thing about this system of trails, to me, is the cagey way that Ken has set it up for naturism. The flora all stands about chest to neck high for a stealthy nude use. At some places he has dug the trail down and the shorter bushes are compensated for. Everywhere, one can see out across miles of valley. For anyone looking up, because of the angles and the height of the vegetation we are covered from the neck down.

Not only is the trail safe from outside objections, it is barefoot all over safe.

Ken has dug down, passed the layer of rock and uncovered composted soft soils to walk on. It is a wonderful exercise for the legs and feet to walk these uneven surfaces as nature intended. For a couple of people living in a desert of needled and pointed things, this is a big treat.

All of the excavated rocks have been moved to create a border for the trail. That way, it will last longer and need less maintenance.

The sky breaks out into a fantastic display!

We return to the house after a rest. DF gets a meal ready in the kitchen, while I go about a meditation and further exploration. I get a bit lost. I’m eventually asked, “What happened to you?!”

We shower and continue on with our friendship.

The next morning, I am greeted by Ken. He happens to come out of the trail system, as I come out of the trailer’s door. He suggests using the trail. I do. I’ve been looking forward to it.

There is a particular state of mind and peace that I seek when in meditation. This path is very conducive to that. Soon, I am in the moment, in the groove.

I sit and try several spots to meditate, pray and walk naturally and fully aware.

The earth based spot has two reclining chairs there next to the small henge. I sit back, smell the pine tree and feel at home.

Next week, we meet up with a group and hike on another of Ken’s naturist trail creations.


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7 thoughts on “Need a Nude Trail? Make One

  1. Don’t stop writing!
    You have such a command of the language and your photos reinforce the prose.
    I enjoy each new chapter and every adventure.

    With gratitude.

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