A Special Kiss


This something that I wrote that The Naturist Society’s magazine “N” published a few months ago. It is some prose, hoping to bring the reader into an pleasant naturist’s event:


Eyes closed. The whiter quartz formations are cooler and at times refreshing on a warm day. The darker rock gives warmth after a dip in the cold pond. The grooves can fit a body’s form, cuddling and supportive. The water has sculpted a glassy smooth surface. Pores in the rock can suck moister from the pores in the skin. The wet skin sticks to the smooth stone, as if being kissed by Mother Earth as she holds her child against her. A gentle breeze channels through the chasms of body and stone, choreographed by the moment.

Eyes open. Above this cradle, a towering natural pyre of multi-color granite meets with hues of turquoise celestial depths. Formations of clouds give shape to imagination, passing by in a gentle, slow parade.

The sound of a bird of prey sailing above, a breeze, and then the calm profound silence of the canyon. All sounds are amplified. Even in silence there is vibration.

There, is a silent vibration….




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