My Private Place for Naturism #12

A Continuing Series

There has been more contact with these javelinas the last few days:

I couldn’t help myself. I snuck back out there to the large rock with a camera.

They are no longer beneath the big sunning rock, but in the hackberry bushes that they were under earlier. I have spotted one asleep. Two detect me and start moving around, grunting, sounding alarm. An ‘old boy, bolts alerted first, maybe to draw me away from the young. I see one very young babe follow another, apparently a mother, at a different, slower pace. I wait. Now, they are all alerted. I decided to mosey on. It just seemed right to give them a break. As I crept away, one of them gave a loud grunt as if to say, “F-you!” It is a challenge, perhaps a bluff, perhaps an intention, perhaps formality or male duty.

They can be aggressive, I’m told, but most likely not, or so I’ve found. Unless I corner one or separate/threaten the babes, I’m not too concerned. The Deeksha (a transpersonal energy) helps. Some moved, some got into ready stance, some just laid there, seemingly ignoring the intrusion.

Creative contemplation erupts:

The next day, I bask in the sun, just soaking in the entirety of it all.


In a bush, a loud grunt reminds me of the tone of a silverback great ape barking out. It sounds angry with something.

IMG_1138T2_1I begin to feel pangs of hunger. I sit up crossing my legs yogi style. I stretch and look out into the distance. It occurs to me to name this place Hav-a-rock, after the crew who enjoy it like I do, these Hav-a-linas. Yea, why not. “Hey, DF, let’s hava-rock.”

From Hav-a-rock, I notice that they have attracted a bunch of fly-like insects that may evict me from the sanctuary of the rock for a while.

The javelinas might think that they actually did evict me. I left the area without attacking them.

Their future home choices could depend on me, the water, the food and their habits, I suppose. If I leave water, they will stay around and mess up everything. Years ago, a neighbor in my parents neighborhood put citrus trees in the front yard and soaked these thoroughly each day. The javelina just moved in, destroying his yard and the tree wells. He had to get someone to evict them. Very sad. They did a number to the yards around there, not aware of people’s yards, boundaries, or unnatural vegetation.

I’ll attempt to befriend them as the naked guy with the good vibes. Who knows? DF is coming over; we’ll stalk ’em tonight, or in the morning. This is a fun and entertaining event. I wore out my feet out there yesterday. Naked, I feel much more a part of this nature. I feel much more aware.

I sit wondering  about my smell. They are very attuned and dependent on their olfactory senses. Without clothing, I don’t smell like man-made laundry detergent. Would the scent of my shampoo identify me as man and put them off?  I remember years ago, I stood naked in my vortex circle out back of my house, meditating, standing quiet. I heard sounds to my left and a pack of seven javelina were wandering, unaware of me maybe twenty feet away. One which had to be nearly blind came cautiously up to me sniffing. It sniffed my feet and then its snout ran up to my knee. I didn’t move. I wondered if it would sniff higher, the thought making me uncomfortable.  Suddenly it lurched and ran away a few feet. I thought, “Yea, I wasn’t so keen on your aroma either, dude.”

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