Intimacy in Observations – As One

My Private Place for Naturism #10

A Continuing Series

I go out to sweep the prickery debris that is in the trail and hone that new, more stealth, access to THE rock. When I arrive at the boulder, I find all around it, the evidence of all of those javelina. They have been nestling around The rock. The soil is kicked up, the plants and grass mashed and generally disturbed. It appears that they have just left. I can imagine them, how they had fit between rocks, chosen their spots, their comfort, huddled together here and there. I can image sitting on that rock surrounded by them. There are very fresh piles of scat, but not many seeds in it. For a few moments, I wonder if it was from them, or someone else. There are flies there bugging me as I stand. This is not so peaceful. I wonder what attracted them to the spot that I had occupied the day before. Was it a challenge? The ground was still moist where one had peed at the spot that I use to climb up onto THE rock. Was it a curiosity of smell, or just random, a place that they recognized as nice, too? Was it the vibe from the deeksha?


This trail is giving me a more intimate knowledge and relationship with the nature in this pristine spot. Time, seasons, conditions, smells, subtle changes, patterns, behaviors of the natural elements.  Also, what I experience within myself, a quiet, just being aware and retreat into another world. It is very real and different. It is felt with my entire body, each pocket of temperature change, at different times of day, my movement corresponds with the terrain and flora. Even THE rock changes during the day and my bare body responds to that as I sit, or lay on it.  Also, it is as if the skin lights up to stimulus and then quiets with the wind, as though there is no boundary between, only a one. All is an integrated part of the universe.


This is truly naturism. I am truly alive, fascinated and in awe with so much and always another miracle to be experienced with each moment, not just outside, but within.

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