My Private Place for Naturism #8

A continuing diary of a stealth naturist’s hidden trail:

Early Spring

I took a stroll out the stealth trail just before lunch today. I sat on the boulder, cross legged and closed my eyes, just to listen and be. Perfect. Quiet save for bird songs.

I decided to go ahead and cross through the raw desert to the jeep trail on the way back. I hadn’t seen any signs of human activity. I wanted to do some running for exercise on the graded road. On the jeep trail/road, I noticed a small feature. It was the skin of a very small young snake, no more than a large worm. The first reptile of the year. It will be an early spring perhaps. Perhaps this young one is but a fluke, an ignorant child. I’ll keep heads up from now on, not to step on any surprises.

The trail is ready for use. The snake hiding spots are now all away from the footsteps of the trail. From here, I’ll only record a running diary of our naturist experience in this wonderful bountiful desert.


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