My Private Place for Naturism #3


More Blazing of a Trail: A Stealth Adaptation

A Continuing Diary:

The next leg is mapped and mostly done today. I still have to trim and sweep away parts of bushes. I have displaced prickly pear cactus, but those are hardy and root, regrowing where they are placed. I did accidentally chop a small pin cushion cactus growing next to a barrel. Next step will be to hone with clippers.

The spring day feels wonderful on a nude body. Blazing a trail amongst the vegetation with a bare body gives the process a natural intimacy. Touch and trimming are more delicate and aware. I find myself talking to the plants, explaining my needs, my intentions and giving assurances that there will be no death, just accommodation. My sense is a love of being in this world, a fellowship of all that is here, family. I brush a leaf filled stem with my bare hip, just as the air brushes over me, as it continues on its way.

The trail meanders through some areas with various “pretty and colorful rocks.” It has become mostly lots of small rocks. I should be able to sweep away these small ones making a more discernible path here and there. This should make for smoother walking.

I want to make this a disappearing trail that is difficult for others to follow. To this end, I have deliberately left plants to climb over and one spot where the trail disappears in a golden granite field over a light ridge. There are many switchbacks to make passage look impossible to a person standing and surveying. A stranger should wonder if he is on a trail at all.

I have a list of monuments to keep my bearings along the trail at this point. Out to the big saguaro, then past the tall forked jumping cholla, up the opposite ridge passing the leaning barrel cactus, until a switchback leads back through on the south side of the dead saguaro skeleton. It is a list of cues, more than a trail. Then, it rises up the ravine to two armless saguaros growing side by side. Over the ridge, where lies the patch of copper bearing rock and into the next secretive little valley. Then, up, along the valley’s ridge to the peaceful rock, where I like to lay and meditate.

I will clip these bushes that only have leaves during monsoon for clear passage. I can smell the deer in the breeze, often. Tomorrow morning, I hope to take DF on a tour with a camera up the trail to the boulder and catch rays. I’d bet that we will find the buck or more. The weather continues to be perfect.

A Cholla Guides Me.

A Cholla Guides Me.

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