An Introduction to Arizona’s Sky Islands

Southern Arizona is the confluence of several ecosystems. It houses a grand plethora of biodiversity. One reason for this is its sky islands. There is no horizon here, only yet another mountain range. These mountains can be over 10,000 feet high. They host Alpine regions. One can begin in a summery desert in Tucson and drive up the Mt. Lemmon Highway to the top. The seasons change with the elevation. Summer turns to fall and then winter, in less than an hour. A vast mineral wealth is indicative of the diversity of geologic features. This is what we live in. This is why each trip report that we share with you is unique. Naturism is interaction with nature. Naturism, its pursuit, its spirituality, is enhanced by natural beauty and diversity.

The following is a link to a video, which better explains the diversity and abundance. Perhaps, this will give your imagination a taste and keep you coming back each week.

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