Another life form?

There are many unseen and seen phenomena in the desert. The lack of interference of unnatural sound, the noise pollution, the uncluttered more mindful state and an aware nude body enhance recognition of these. From Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui lore of beings such as Nogales, to ghost, they have been a part of culture for millennia.

I have stepped into bubbles of warm and cool air and stood quietly encased. I have sensed the greater wellbeing of a particular spot’s ley energy. Also walking nude in the desert, there are currents, and distinct streams of warm and cool temperatures, humidity differences, flowing down the terrain of the mountains and washes, each indicative of micro-climates. As I sit on my favorite rock, I often listen to the winds. A calm silence can be broken by the approach and passing of a seemingly being-like presence. The bushes may rustle one after another. It may pass by, or pass through. It may come only a few feet away, but never touch me. It may be apparently small or large, 20 or even 40 feet in its disturbance of the vegetation. It may briefly engulf my body with warm or cooler air. Nudity in nature is awareness and a better understanding of our relationship with what is and it is fun.

Today, I saw a ghost-like creature. The rain had washed the dirt road into an uncomfortable system of gulleys, washboards and ponded potholes needing to be dodged. Our neighbor had generously taken it upon himself to grade these away. Here, in the desert things dry up rapidly and in this case a fine layer of dust had been created. We are all probably familiar with the sight of the “dust devil” a smaller version of a tornado, blowing across plains in movies and pictures, if not personal experience. They can be very uncomfortable as a sandblast, never a good place for contact lenses, but also, they can be more gentile. This one entity was one of those that is seen. This one had grasped the fine powder. There was a much slower velocity in its spinning vortex. The dust was seen to lightly float in small clouds. It stood maybe seven or eight feet tall, as it walked along the road side. It was simply ghostly as though alive.

My amazement turned to pondering. It was a vortex. It was vibrating, energetic, just like any atom that makes up a body. It had mass and reflected light. It was itself a phenomena with a nature as any other form of life. In that sense, it was alive, a being. The Native concept of all my relations would include this. It was simple life form, a unique being. One that you don’t see much, one that you may hear the effects of at other times, or the one that you may just feel with naked skin. We, like plants and other life, are made up of air, heat, moister, and more, purposefully manifesting and interacting. We have a tendency to exist as these do. Life is relationships. If not for these relationships, we would not exist, ego would die. That is other than the piece that merely observes all…go figure.

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