We are human beings whose purpose in life is to live, to experience, to be aware in this moment. We have been graced with a body, a vehicle, in which to do just that. Yet, for most of us, this wondrous sense of being is inhibited by clothing and trapped into an extremely limited range. Even those of us that acknowledge our human rights of nakedness are limited to indoors, maybe a back yard space, or a visit to a naturist resort.
This does not have to be our lives. We do not have to be cooped up like chickens. We can expand our birthright much further, adding flavor, depth, health and the inner peace of spiritual oneness to our lives.
EACH WEEK, through enjoyable (OR acclaimed) stories and pictures, I will show you with delightful highlights, the very practical skills that I have used to accomplish body freedom here in the Southwest. There is a bit of “Arizona Highways Magazine” photography with insight into the unique flora and fauna, ultralight backpacking, camping, hiking and boating, all from a free-range naturist’s perspective. As a side, I’ll post short informational essays about naturism, like health, mental health, or spirituality.

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  1. Jay Robbins

    Great site JB!! You and DF have wonderful adventures. Well written stories and natural scenery. Pinaleno is now on my bucket list.

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  2. lifesongsd

    Beautifully written and superb photos. It was quite lovely meeting you and look forward to hearing from you. Truly am interested in getting some info from you to put in Camping Bares nudesletter. Also, I did forget the name of the raw food cookbook! Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Hello Jon Michael,

    Just finished reading your review of Redington Pass in the Spring, 2016, issue of “N” magazine.
    Kudos on the excellent writing and great photos! I have been a regular visitor to Tucson every
    April or October (occasionally, both months) since 1988. A trip to Redington is always on my itinerary. First discovered that gem after reading of it in Lee Baxandall’s famous guidebook, “Nude
    Beaches & Recreation.” My home since 1980 has been in Santa Fe and our high desert terrain
    is totally different. Those Arizona granite boulders, giant saguaro, prickly pear, and barrel cacti are
    exciting beyond description. Your synopsis of that naturist’s sanctuary is brilliant and whets my
    appetite for the next visit this autumn. Keep up the good work!


  4. Thank you , I’m heading back to he desert and will be seeking out crested saguaros !


  5. If you ever come out Los Angeles way, there are quite a few deserted trails in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests I use, not to mention assorted hot springs and a real live legal nude beach.

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  6. Let me know if you ever come to southern California. I have some nice places to hike that get very little traffic.

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  7. Steve

    So refreshing

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  8. Living in the Southeast for the moment, it is difficult to find places to hike nude as I did in CA. Your stories keep the imagination inspired until I can once again hike unencumbered and free as nature intended!

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  9. L&C Tucson

    Just discovered this wonderful blog while researching clothing optional recreation in the southwest. Found the articles to be very well written, informative and full of great photos of the beautiful Arizona scenery. We live in central Tucson and have visited many of these great places highlighted in your blog and now have new ideas for our future naturist getaway. Looking forward to your next edition, keep up the good work!

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  10. mTr

    Have you ever hiked Saguaro National Park?

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    • I’ve wandered it, here and there. I’ll eventually be hiking the western part more, because there are a few trails on my list in the Tucson Mountains.

      There is a place that ponds water in season and has granite slabs in the Park East. It’s just over a hill around the farther bend in the loop. Friends and I used to skinny-dip there long ago, when I lived out that direction.

      The park goes all the way to Happy Valley, so, technically our hike up Miller Creek Trail from Happy Valley was Saguaro National Park. We plan to spend a couple of days high in the Rincon Mountains this year.

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      • mTr

        I hiked there yesterday, the exact spot you described. Even did some free hiking on that last spur of the trail. I might have been spotted from afar on my way back to the crossroads, but had donned my shorts before I actually met the couple on the trail.

        I will be browsing more of your past stories.

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    • coolbrzy

      It’s certainly a beautiful area. My wife and I hiked there when we were dating, though I wasn’t a naturist at the time.


  11. Ursa Major

    Thanks to the inspiration from your Free Range Naturist website, I took my first nude hike in the Ironwood Forest National Monument a few days ago. I spent a couple of hours on the north side of Ragged Top mountain and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful Sonoran Desert lush and green from the recent rains. I can’t wait to get back out to there again but I’ll have to wait until this latest round of cool wet weather passes. Thanks again.

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  12. Keep up the great work.!!!

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  13. Well, I would type more to you but I’m only one person and I’d rather be out being my nudist self rather than typing big novels of text, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.!!!

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  14. MrCris

    Do you have any other websites or profile?
    (Such as Flickr)


    • No, but I do frequent two forums. FreeRangeNaturism.com is where most of the discussion takes place about this website and our free range lives. ANaturistFamily.com is another that I participate in. I find it a knowledgeable site.


      • Fortrollen

        JB: I don’t know if you pay attention to this anymore. But I wondered if you are going to get as involved with anaturistworld as you did with anaturistfamily.


      • I am transitioning into a new home, a fix up and have a backlog of writing projects. I also am setting up a new glamping rig that we call “The Summer house” (Its a luxurious tent), getting ready to spend a coupe of weeks in retreat and honing that outfit. I am able to keep up with the Free Range Naturism forum and this. For now, there is just so much time. Something had to give.

        It is all ebb and flow.


      • ok . OK! Sounds like a new adventure indeed. I’m wondering what a glamping rig is. Guess I’ll find out with time. You’ll write about it, no doubt.
        Y’know, with about 20 years on you, it becomes harder to create new adventures. But it doesn’t stop me from trying. (thinking about becoming a glider pilot)
        Anyway, good luck, and I’ll check in once in a while to see if you’re ready to share yet.
        Be well


  15. Barefoot~ Billy aka Offkilter

    Thoroughly enjoyed the company and the terrain of today’s solstice hike sobo passing Little Rock pond on the AT/LT


  16. Thomas R McCroskey

    Happy birthday Free Range Naturist!


  17. Again, keep up the great work as it helps us promote naturism as non-sexual as textiles only think of our way of life as only sexual and close minded as far as our way of life.!


  18. mTr

    As JB might say, I “liberated” Red Ridge (off of Mt Lemmon) today. I descended down to the Catalina Camp trail. I spent some time exploring the structures at Catalina Camp. Then hiked a bit further on Trail #2 to the cross roads with Canada Del Oro Trail before climbing back up the mountain. It was quite a workout but very enjoyable.


  19. Curt

    I always love seeing that beautiful brown haired
    life living woman


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